What Drives Your People Drives Your Company

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Artwork showing the left and right side of the brain.

When I was looking at my career path as a teenager, my folks introduced me to a friend from church who was a professional practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. We were going to use it to map out a plan for my course of study in college. After I slogged through 93 forced-choice answers, I felt no closer to interpreting my personality. To compound matters, the proctor said that he had never seen results like mine ever before. I had no glaring, obvious type that he could identify. The four colored bars were equal in height, indicating no possible insight could be gleaned.  I felt disheartened, and I still don’t know what label they use for my results.

After I became certified in The Predictive Index (PI) as a team member at Staff One HR, I realized there was no validity in a forced-choice question. The world is not binary, but shaded, and the PI behavioral assessment allowed for my own coloration of the way I felt about myself and the self I projected. It was particularly freeing for me, and I imagined all the other folks who have been “misdiagnosed” in the past, and what this freedom would mean to them.

What is the Predictive Index?

The Predictive Index has been evaluated by over 350 scientific studies, confirming its validity, with more than 25 million people having been assessed.  Psychometrics is the science of measuring mental capacities and processes, taking psychological science — like theories of personality and cognitive ability — and building tools to help measure underlying traits and abilities.   Because psychological structures are invisible, they can’t be measured directly, unlike physical aspects such as height and weight.  Psychometrics is about building tools that indirectly but accurately measure people’s psychological make-up.

How does the PI Test work? The PI Behavioral Assessment is an untimed, free-choice, stimulus-response tool that measures a person’s motivating drives and needs. The benefits to any company that wants to keep employees happy for a long time are many. Firstly, hiring becomes easier when the candidate already has submitted their assessment before the interview, because the interviewer can determine without seeing a resume if there is both desire and aptitude for the job being filled. Why is this more important than the resume? What good is a doctorate if the new hire can’t get along with his team, or is a predictable flight risk in six months? Turnover is expensive, and one “save” is worth more than what PI costs. Cross them off before you hire them blindly.

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Keep your employees happy. Secondly, managing current employees can be optimized when you understand what drives them and inspires them to greatness. Why give an assessment to someone who has been there three years and is happy? You can understand what makes them happy, and build on that, optimizing team performance by leveraging group dynamics as those around them shift to new roles or they interact with new hires. Keep happy employees happy for years and develop high potentials to great heights.

Motivate your employees. Lastly, most companies would like to assemble high-performing teams, but don’t do the key “people work”, and they fail to optimize. Creating a business strategy and then monitoring results is not enough. The Predictive Index outlines the roadmap to diagnose, design, hire and inspire the Dream Team you can have.

Is the PI Test difficult. There’s no secret here. The assessment takes five minutes, by answering just two multiple-choice questions. It can be taken in 77 different languages on your cell phone, and it delivers three pages of insights that unlock your candidates, your employees, and your leaders. Everyone I talk to who has taken it gives it a grade of 95 or higher in accuracy. They are amazed, just like I was. You will be too.

Take it HERE for free, and I’ll show you how amazing you are.

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